Online Student Orientations

Raising the Standard of Online Orientations

Your school is outstanding. Your online orientation should be too!

You're shooting for academic excellence. So if your online student orientation doesn't energize your scholars-to-be, we should talk. We can prepare the perfect student introduction to your school that reflects well on you and makes your job easier.

Advantage Design Group specializes in educational communications that welcome, inform, track and changes content as your world changes. Your online student orientation program is where it begins and where it continues as a valuable resource for students, staff and parents. Get them engaged in your school before they even arrive on campus with an interactive, visually entertaining online orientation.

Excellence = High Energy = Successful Students = Retention = Growth.

Advantage Design Group's online orientations go beyond the how-to's and policy reviews with imaginative programs tailored to your student character and school brand.

And, we develop the back-end system so you can update and manage your content - words and visuals - whenever you need to. You will… 

  • Use time more efficiently. New students cover the basics online before arriving on campus. Orientation time can focus more on the educational planning component of the student's experience.
  • Deliver a consistent message. Engaging scripts, video presentations, and text online ensure that each student hears the same message all the time.
  • Automate. Integration with the school database of academic records personalizes each student's experience.
  • Track it. Easily track student interests, comprehension and attendance in real time.
  • Report it. Now you and your students are accountable and can prove it. With the online program, you have the documentation you need for student records and school accreditation.
  • Access it 24/7. The online orientation system is a valuable resource available to you and your students all day, every day, all year.
  • Tell your story. Your online student orientation is a reflection of your school. Students who begin with a positive, engaging experience are more likely to remain positive throughout their college years and produce a success story for your school.
  • Change your story. You know things change. But when they do, you can have the ability to easily update your online presentation with the appropriate information. Easily get your new message out using our web content management system.

Think of it this way. The more positively and efficiently you bring students up-to-speed, the more they succeed and enhance your institution's reputation. 

Advantage Design Group's interactive, online student orientations lay the groundwork for student success, your success, retention, and growth.


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