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Who We Are

Advantage Design Group is an award-winning multimedia design and development firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. For nearly 20 years we’ve helped organizations, institutions and corporations show their story to engage with their audience through websites, videos, online training and orientations, interactive maps, trade show presentations, virtual tours, touch screens and mobile web apps. 

This year we celebrated by moving into our new facility. With a growing staff of creative and technical talent, Advantage Design Group is poised to continue guiding our clients toward successful outcomes in their marketing and online training efforts.

Advantage Design Group

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What We Believe

We believe in design

But not for the sake of design. It's the blueprint that masters your story and keeps you in-sync with your customers. It's imaginative. It's meaningful. It's tailored to your product, and to your audience. We believe that from relevant design, sales blossom.

We believe in technology

To move art, to move your message, to move your business forward as your industry moves. We believe technology makes an impression, and takes your sales strategy in a modern direction.

We believe in getting it done.

Production of your ideas and communication goals is achievable within your timeline. Timing is important to us as we develop your brain-child and polish your points.

We believe in our clients.

Our clients are looking for more than just marketing. They're looking ahead. They're looking for ways to get people . . . to look at them. They're looking to us, to help them get noticed.

We believe your business can break through the media fray of the day.

Not an easy task. But talk to us, and we'll show you how.


Yes, we've won awards and we have ump-teen years of experience. But ultimately what gets and keeps your business successful is what we believe.

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How We Work

From the moment you speak with us, you'll notice the difference. We are a uniquely hands-on multimedia design firm. As a client, you are assigned a personal Project Manager and Art Director to consult and communicate ideas, desires and timelines that assure the precise and rapid turn-around of any project or campaign.

Your Project Manager escorts you from start to finish and makes the production journey stress-free. Once a project begins, we follow a strict development calendar and administrative blueprint; employing a set of "milestone steps" to guarantee your needs are met and your output is on time and within budget!

Your Art Director rallies our staff around your project to develop artistic ideas grounded in results-oriented substance. We don't believe in art for the sake of art. Instead, we believe the message should be primary and use conceptual creativity and new media talent to impact your audience. Rest assured with Advantage Design Group, your goals are always communicated in both an imaginative and meaningful manner.

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How We Started

Advantage Design Group® began in 1998 in Jacksonville, FL as CD Advantage. The company focused on digital imaging and special program creation for CD distribution. Performance, quality and superior functionality of all services led to success and caught the interest of many notable companies across the country.

CD Advantage expanded by including marketing and corporate communications projects to our menu. Requests for services such as DVD authoring, website design and development, and video production complemented the CD production business. During this time, we also produced and recruiting and admissions material for over 100 colleges, universities and community colleges nationwide. Word of our technical expertise, creativity, and hands-on leadership style spread, leading to an increase in referrals, repeat business and new clientele. This prompted the expansion of our portfolio, design staff, and equipment - and the new brand 'Advantage Design Group®' was born.

From the very beginning, we've stayed attuned to client needs and market trends as our foundation for growth. Today, we continue to provide the digital marketing products and services our clients expect. And our expansion continues to meet the current need for an online orientation and training platform for higher education and corporations.

Now in an expanded new facility, and with a growing staff of creative and technical talent, Advantage Design Group is poised to continue guiding our clients toward successful outcomes in their marketing and online training efforts.

Ellucian Alliance Partner National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students National Resource Center - First Year Experience and Students in Transition NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education Association for Student Conduct Administration NODA - Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education