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Get our professionals to shoot and produce your video project.

Advantage Design Group can create video presentations unique to your school customizing your online orientation.

Your video shoot includes our video crew members traveling to your school, filming all your subjects, all tapes, video cameras, teleprompter, teleprompter operator/grip, director, a camera operator, lights, and microphones. We stage at various locations around your campus.

You may select our standard video shoot or you may select from our premium video package, a Student Showcase, an Instructional video, or an overview of your institution to enhance your video presence. Once produced, these presentations can be used not only in your orientation but also on your website.

Premium video package. Our premium video package goes beyond the video shoot to incorporate a day of b-roll footage filming your campus and activities. Then, this additional footage is used in advanced editing to highlight your videos throughout the orientation. Light background music is included to give your production the energy that best suits your culture. This combination makes for a more engaging experience for the student and a unique way to show off your school environment.

Student Showcase Video. Your students tell your story best. So why not let them express their excitement about your school on a welcoming video? Advantage Design Group works with you on the script and direction, and can also suggest the right mix of students to help represent your school in its best light. We video shoot the students on a green screen so that any background can be applied.

Instructional Video. Advantage Design Group helps your students navigate through a new concept or process easily with instructional videos. Whether it’s how to use your enrollment system, school debit card or other procedure-specific tasks, we can create a video that instructs, guides and tells the story clearly and consistently every time. These video presentations typically use a professional voice-over, existing imagery (or program screen shots), and animation to outline what students need to know.

School Overview Video. Let Advantage Design Group create an overview video that highlights your school culture, history, or anything that makes your institution stand out. We produce the video working with your script, your photos and by directing your spokesperson at the shoot. We can bring your story to life and help your incoming students appreciate that they are a part of a unique community.


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