Employee and Distributor Training

Keeping Them In-the-Know and In-Sync with Your Business

We train with high-energy solutions that inform and entertain

Positive Energy. That's what you really want from your employees. So put that energy out there to get them off to a great start, or advance their career with pure-energy orientation and employee training software from Advantage Design Group.

Our interactive video productions connect and unify your employees, send a consistent message, lets them know who's who in your organization, and gives them the confidence they need to succeed.

Whether upbeat, subdued, sophisticated or loud - your company story and industry topics can be told and taught with rich new media design, contemporary video presentations, motion graphics, informational content, and interactive testing.  And we're just the people to do it. With creative ideas and technological brilliance Advantage Design Group keeps employees interested, in-the-know, and in-sync with your business.

Good Training = Positive Energy.

Advantage Design Group goes beyond the how-tos and policy reviews with imaginative programs tailored to your industry. We work with you until your company story, and your lessons, are just the way you want them. And, we develop the back-end system so you can update and manage your content - words and visuals - whenever you need to. You will …

  • Deliver a consistent message. Engaging scripts, video and text online ensure that each employee hears the same message all the time. No room for accidentally misleading.
  • Use time more efficiently. Employees can cover the basics online at any time. So training or orientation time can focus more on what you need to cover and questions your people may have.
  • Access it 24/7.  Your online program is a valuable resource available to you and your employees all day, every day, all year.
  • Track it. Easily track employees' comprehension and participation in real time with testing components built into your program.
  • Tell your story. Your online training and orientation is a reflection of your business. Employees who begin with a positive, engaging experience are more likely to remain positive throughout their career and produce a successful business story for you.
  • Change your story. Things change. But now when they do, you can have the ability to easily update your online presentation with the appropriate information with a built-in content management system. Easily get your new message out in a timely fashion.

Think of it this way. The more positively and efficiently you bring employees up-to-speed, the quicker your business prospers.

Advantage Design Group's interactive online orientation and training programs lay the groundwork for employee success, your success, retention, and growth.


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