Blog - April 2013

Advantage Design Group, a Jacksonville Multimedia Design Firm, Develops Bold New Student Online Orientations for Colleges and Universities to Encourage Transitions and Retention

Advantage Design Group announces the development of unique online orientations for college students. Creative video, photos, scripts and quizzes support school culture and the program links to school data to personalize, track, report, and update.

Colleges and universities across the country know that when it comes to student orientation, there's a lot to cover. It's time-consuming, the lectures are held by various advisors, and there is inconsistency in their message. There is a way to do it better - and colleges are looking to Advantage Design Group to learn how.

The consensus is that an orientation program first needs to focus on educational planning - and having some fun - on-site, in person. So, preparing the students beforehand - online - with a welcome that's engaging, and policy and procedural information, goes a long way to making the on-campus sessions more productive.

The forward-thinking schools start by doing some homework.

When researching the common approaches to orientation it's found that there are lots of static screens with stale text used as school introductions. That's why more schools are setting out to provide students with an exciting, visually appealing and interactive program to welcome them. But they're also finding that to implement the kind of online orientation desired, they need more than what their IT department can offer.

So many schools are gathering their troops.

With the right people in the room they plan a cohesive student message that makes everyone's life easier in the long run. Then, they find the right company to develop creative; functional multimedia programs that fall right in line with the way students love to learn. Including on mobile devices. Look for people with experience working with schools, who have the creative process down, and who have the technical expertise to tie-in with your systems so the new orientation program is exceedingly efficient.

"To help schools compete on a recruiting, transition and retention level, online orientations need to be more than just factual. It's about culture, character and efficiency. It needs to tell the school story as well as integrate with school data and procedures," said Sam Swingle, CEO of Advantage Design Group.

Once in production, plan on featuring students and staff telling their story in a way that captures your school spirit. Do more than just provide necessary information. Take the opportunity to compliment school image, branding, and engage students in an interesting way so they are excited to be a part of your institutional success story.

Create a Web design that compliments the school site and includes video, interactive modules, and easy access to more information. Also, develop program integration to connect to students' individualized academic records - streamlining the orientation, placement testing requirements, and course selection process.

Yes, it can all be done with the right line-up of talent. Colleges and universities that implement an Advantage Design Group orientation soon find that it pays for itself in many ways.

  • Uses time more efficiently. New students cover the basics online before arriving on campus. Orientation time can focus more on the educational planning component of the student's experience.
  • Delivers a consistent message. Engaging scripts, video and text online ensure that each student hears the same message all the time.
  • Automates the process. Integration with the school database of academic records personalizes each student's experience. It tells students about prerequisites for their course selections, and can lead them to more information on your site as needed.
  • Tracks progress. Easily track student interests, comprehension and attendance in real time.
  • Documents stats. Now staff and students are accountable and can prove it. With the online program the documentation you need for student records and school accreditation is there.
  • 24/7 Access. The online orientation system is a valuable resource available to staff and students all day, every day, all year.
  • Tells the school story. Each online orientation is a reflection of its institution. Students who begin with a positive, engaging experience are more likely to remain positive throughout their college years and produce a success story for the school.
  • Easily Update Information. Update frequently changing content on the orientation site - as it happens - without needing to schedule time with their IT department.