Blog - February 2015

Advantage Design Group Hosts Student Orientation Panel Discussion at FYE Annual Conference

Advantage Design Group will host an online student orientation panel discussion at the FYE Annual Conference in Dallas, TX. The session is to be held at the conference venue, Omni Dallas Hotel in the White Rock room on February 8, 2015, at 7:45am to 8:45am.

fyeThe panelists will be Rachel Veretto, Program Coordinator, First Year Experience at Aims Community College; Martha Wilson, Assistant Director, First Year Experience & Orientation at Utah Valley University; and Theresa Cusimano, First Year Experience Manager at Palm Beach State College. All panelist have first-hand experience developing, implementing and/or managing an online orientation for their school.

The agenda is a Q&A session format where the panelists will share their experiences with online orientations by answering questions such as:

  • What made your school interested in getting an online orientation?
  • Once you decided you wanted an online orientation, how did you decide whether to develop it in-house or get an outside company?
  • What were your goals/objectives for implementing an online orientation?
  • How did the process of creating the online student orientation work?
  • Now that you have an online orientation, where does it fall in the enrollment process?

FYE Annual Conference expects to host more than 2,000 attendees this year. All attendees interested in learning more about online orientations in a peer-to-peer setting are welcome to join.

"Online Orientation panel discussions give attendees first-hand expertise from schools who have developed online orientations" said Sam Swingle of Advantage Design Group. "Attendees of previous panels held have learned that online student orientations complement the on-campus events. In fact it better prepares the student with the basics so the on-site orientation is more productive because there's more time spent with advisors and course selection"

Online student orientations are an emerging way for students to receive necessary information ahead of time to help them succeed. Information can be made available such as:

  • Degree options
  • School resources and support services
  • Code of Conduct and Safety
  • Items that need to be done prior to arrival on campus
  • Further, the online orientation reinforces the student's choice to attend the school.

Attendees of the FYE Online Orientation Panel Discussion will receive a free white paper covering the Nine Best Practices for Online Orientation Success.

All indicators point to continually increasing interest for online orientations among higher education institutions. Advantage Design Group is poised to assist educators with what they need to determine if an online orientation is right for their school.

For a complimentary copy of the FYE Annual Online Orientation panel discussion recording, go to