Blog - July 2014

Advantage Design Group Announces Record Numbers for Its Online Student Orientation Products

Advantage Design Group's Online Student Orientation products now accommodate a new record number of students using the orientations. With five schools recently launched, more than 25,000 students are poised to go through the programs.

Today, Advantage Design Group announced a new milestone reached through their Online Student Orientation Programs. Advantage Design Group designs custom, school-branded online orientation programs that welcome students to a particular college or university. However, the technology that supports the program is top of the line and allows students to easily navigate and administrators to track, report, and update content without issue.

June is already a record-breaking month for the number of students going through the Advantage Design Group online program. They have launched with some of the largest schools in the nation, including Miami Dade College, Florida International University, and George Mason University. With more than 9,000 students having started within the last month, Advantage Design Group is thrilled at their growing success.

"We are extremely pleased with the recent growth and increased implementation of our latest online orientation programs. We've found that school administrators are delighted at the customization we provide to brand the program for each individual school, but their technical consultants have been equally impressed by the detail we have put into the actual program technology," explains Joseph Leo, Creative Director at Advantage Design Group.

For ease of use and functionality, the programs also include a variety of impressive features, including:

  • Navigational Path Determinations
  • Custom Video Interaction
  • Trackable Pop-up Quizzes
  • Personalized User Accounts
  • Real-time reminders
  • Memory Return Programming
  • Content Management
  • Integration with School Database
  • Tablet and Smartphone Compatibility
  • ADA Versions

The different technology used in the creation of these programs allows for the students to easily complete the program, but also for the school administration to integrate the information with school data, track, and report on progress, as well as keep the system updated automatically. It provides in-depth tracking and reporting, real-time reminders, certificates of completion and customized emails, surveys with aggregate data reports, and trackable master tests.

The online orientation programs are available at colleges and universities all over the country, but can be accessed across the globe. They also easily integrate with important school systems like Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Ellucian. "It's a full system that school administrators can truly count on," Leo continues. "It's far more than just an attractive interface."

- Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) July 2, 2014