Blog - August 2013

Advantage Design Group Celebrates 15 Years Providing Multimedia Creations to Customers Nationwide

Advantage Design Group celebrates its 15 year anniversary this month. Since 1998 the company has built the business with a focus on digital design and development of CDs, DVDs, websites, mobile apps, video production, and online training and orientations - for corporations and educational institutions. They differ from other agencies because they provide creative talent for effective marketing campaigns, and the technological knowledge needed in the digital marketing arena. "Creativity, Technology, Results" is the slogan under which Advantage Design Group has excelled over the years.

Advantage Design Group is pleased to announce its 15th year as one of Florida's top interactive digital marketing and multimedia agencies.

Beginning with computer sciences expertise, Founder Catherine Swingle launched the company then known as CD Advantage in 1998. Initially, the company focused on CD replication and duplication from which grew the idea of providing collateral on CD rather than paper. This enabled many companies to tell their story with video introductions, links to information on the CD (a searchable catalogue) and links to their website.  This unique CD catalogue was more cost-effective than printed material and proved to be an attention grabbing mail piece.

Performance, quality and superior functionality of all deliverables led to the success of this new organization and the interest of many notable companies across the country.

Catherine then partnered with Sam Swingle and expanded the organization; moving from an operations-centric group to include marketing and communications focused projects for the corporate and higher education sectors. Word of their technical expertise, creativity and hands-on leadership style spread, leading to referrals, repeat business and new clientele.

Requests for services such as DVD authoring, corporate websites design and development, and video production, complemented the CD replication and duplication business. This prompted the expansion of their portfolio, design staff, and equipment - and the new brand 'Advantage Design Group' was created.

Full Service

Today, Advantage Design Group is known for its new media creations that give their clients' a distinct competitive edge. The company has recently introduced the "Team Advantage" integrated marketing program for their clients. The solution stems from client websites, flows into marketing and sales mobile web apps, and expands in a modular way as business expands.

"We 'move art' so that it works across all media, and translates into powerful messaging, branding consistency, and sales for our clients", said Catherine Swingle, Founder of Advantage Design Group. "Over 15 years, we've enjoyed growing with our clients and for our clients as technology and digital marketing needs change. Our Team Advantage program states your marketing case, speaking with one voice, so that your team can do the same. It integrates your marketing efforts and keeps the message consistent."

For Corporate Marketers and HR, and for Higher Education Verticals

Corporate marketing and HR people look to Advantage Design Group for design service for websites, mobile apps, video production, copywriting, and online employee training and orientations. They help all size companies - with marketing and HR departments that range from none - to many.

Being well established in the higher education market, the company has developed creative and functional college online orientation programs, and high-tech recruiting, retention and transition multimedia promotional tools. From the early days of CD Advantage, this market became among the first to apply the CD idea to recruiting, fundraising, alumni relations, interactive campus maps, virtual video tours, and microsites. An Advantage Design Group production afforded Palm Beach State College a Silver Medallion Award from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations.

Today, Advantage Design Group excels in this vertical with online orientations that engage students with video-rich presentations, tracks status for administrators in real-time, integrates with school records, and allows for updates using a content management system. These are technology driven solutions that speak creatively and consistently to school brand and culture.

"Our clients count on us to keep pushing the limits of technology and art," said Swingle, "and that's exactly what we plan to do for years to come."