Blog - June 2013

Advantage Design Group Introduces Team Advantage at the DMA's Integrated Marketing Week (IMW) Event

Advantage Design Group was a silver sponsor at the Integrated Marketing Week (IMW) event to showcase sales and marketing tools including mobile web apps, rich media websites, sales video production, trade show video presentations, and online training orientation programs. Participants learned how the use of content and technology can unify data and support consistent messages.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Advantage Design Group is pleased to announce the successful introduction of their integrated digital marketing and communications solution at the Integrated Marketing Week (IMW) event held in New York City. The integrated marketing concept known as "Team Advantage" was met with interest from marketers from around the world looking to learn and integrate on and offline marketing data, campaigns and technologies.

The Team Advantage solution stems from the websites, flows into marketing and sales mobile web apps, and expands in a modular way as business expands. It uses character analogies that comprise a complete integrated marketing plan. The characters are:

The Ambassador - A website that's solid yet pliable so the team can update it as needed.

The Expeditor - The collector and distributor of digital marketing collateral on laptops, smartphones and tablets, with personalized email distribution capabilities, all while collecting prospect data.

The Presenter - The video production that ties-in to all efforts - newsletters, training, sales presentations, and anything a marketer can think of.

The Communicator - The spreader of news with video e-newsletters, product updates, press announcements, alerts, employee benefits updates, policy reminders, how-to's, event announcements, and kudos. The communicator is the ultimate in timeliness, accessibility, and keeping content current.

The Trainer - Trains clients or employees through text, video, quizzes and graphics. This employee training and orientation software integrates seamlessly and securely with personalized subject data, and it is branded for all of a company's marketing.

The Inspector - Inspects and reports - for employees in the field or on location. With a smartphone or tablet, it submits reports and photos directly into the existing database while notifying management.

The Merchandiser - Assesses and reports on the retail level, inspects inventory, locates outlets, evaluates competition, promotes products, and shares information.

"Team Advantage supports presenters, trainers, promoters, inspectors, and merchandisers - all communicators across the organization," said Sam Swingle, CEO of Advantage Design Group. "It states your marketing case, speaking with one voice, so that your team can do the same. It integrates your marketing efforts and keeps the message consistent."